Connect with Like-Minded Gamers and Earn Rewards with Wasder on AscendEX

• Wasder is a gaming platform that helps bring old and new friends together
• Wasder has created key features such as Spaces and Party Play to help gamers stay connected
• The Wasder token ecosystem is a circular economy that allows users to earn and spend tokens

AscendEX is thrilled to announce the listing of Wasder with the trading pair $WAS/USDT. Trading will begin at 2:00 PM UTC on February 2nd. Wasder is an amazing gaming platform that helps bring people together through their shared passion for gaming.

Wasder’s Spaces platform allows users to be in control of the content they want to see, with game-specific groups, party chats, and other features. The profile page is where it all begins, and users can share their gaming accomplishments, favorite games, and connect with other players. Wasder also has two key features to help people stay connected even when they aren’t in the same room: Party Play and Party Chats. With Party Play, users can find new friends to play the games they love, and Party Chats allow them to stay in touch with friends no matter where they are.

The Wasder token ecosystem is a circular economy that allows users to earn and spend tokens. With the Wasder token, users can purchase different items, such as gaming peripherals, digital gifts, discounts on subscription services, and even tickets to gaming events. Furthermore, users can earn rewards for playing games, streaming, and more.

Wasder is a great platform for gamers looking to connect with like-minded individuals or just find a new friend to play with. With the listing of Wasder on AscendEX, users will now be able to buy and sell Wasder tokens and take advantage of the Wasder token ecosystem.

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